We don't know how other people do it, but here's how we do it.  We operate by three simple rules:

        1. We don't chase people for money. All rents are direct deposit only (we have the paperwork to set this up simply).
        2. We don't rent anything we personally would not live in. We present all units as if we were to live in them ourselves.
        3. We provide a safe, quiet, comfortable, drug-free, and crime-free environment. If drugs, or any other illegal activities of any kind, are a part of your lifestyle, kindly do not apply.

Why us?

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About Us

We are local family owned!  We have a support team who can attack any problem. After thirty years of construction and three years in Powell River's renovation and rental business, we've seen a whole lot. We have a great crew who maintain, manage, clean, check, and support our rentals and customers!

We have completed numerous homes in the Powell River, BC area and several beyond!  From new construction to a small addition, from gutters to light bulbs, we do it all!

Michael Salisbury is a featured builder in 2009 Jenish Home Plan Book and is a long-time Rotarian.  For more about Jennifer, click here.

Our Philosophy